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The SSG maintains a mailing list to which our weekly seminars are announced. If you have an MIT Athena account, you can add yourself to the mailing list by typing the following (letter for letter, with no substitutions) at the Athena prompt:.

blanche ssg-seminar -a $USER

To remove your Athena address from the mailing list, type the following at the Athena prompt:

blanche ssg-seminar -d $USER

Alternatively, you may add or remove yourself from the mailing list by visiting the MIT Athena list management web interface -- the name of the list is "ssg-seminar" (you may need an MIT web certificate for this to work).

Otherwise, send an empty email to (please do not omit the "-request" part of the email address) with either "subscribe" or "unsubscribe" as the subject line.

Problems with this site should be emailed to