subject authors title comments
Phys Abraham Foundations of mechanics
E&SP Abramson Information theory and coding
Phys Adler, Muller, Rozovskii Stochastic modelling in physical oceanography
E&SP Agrawal Introduction to wireless and mobile systems
E&SP Albert, Gardner Stochastic approximation and nonlinear regression
Math Aleksandrov, Kolmogorov, Lavrent’ev Mathematics: Its content, methods and meaning 3 copies
PSM Amari, Nagaoka Methods of informational geometry
C&ST Anderson, Moore Linear optimal control 2 copies
E&SP Anderson, Moore Optimal filtering 2 copies
E&SP Andersson Motion estimation for perceptual image sequence coding
C&ST Antsaklis, Michel Linear systems 2 copies
E&SP Aoki Optimization of stochastic systems: topics in discrete-time systems
Math Arbib Algrebraic theory of machines, languages and semigroups
Math Arbib Theories of abstract automata
Math Arnol’d Ordinary differential equations
Phys Arnold Mathematical methods of classical mechanics, 2nd ed
Math Ash, Mumford, Rapoport, Tai Smooth compactification of locally symmetric varieties, Vol IV
C&ST Astrom Introduction to stochastic control theory
C&ST Athans, Falb Optimal control
E&SP Aubert, Kornprobst Mathematical problems in image processing
Math Auslander, Mackenzie Introduction to differentiable manifolds
E&SP Baggeroer State variables and communication theory
C&ST Baillieul, Willems Mathematical control theory
Math Balakrishnan Introduction to optimization theory in a Hilbert space
PSM Balakrishnan Introduction to random processes in engineering
C&ST Balakrishnan, Thoma Systems and optimization
Math Barrett, Berry, etal Templates for the solution of linear systems: building blocks for iterative methods
E&SP Basseville, Benveniste Detection of abrupt changes in signals and dynamical systems 3 copies
E&SP Basseville, Nikiforov Detection of abrupt changes: theory and application
E&SP Basseville, Nikiforov Detection of abrupt changes: theory and application in Russian
C&ST Battin Astronautical guidance
C&ST Beckmann, Kunzi Mathematical systems theory
Math Bellman, Dreyfus Applied dynamics programming
C&ST Bellman, Kalaba Selected papers on mathematical trends in control theory
E&SP Beneviste, Metivier, Priouret Algorithmes adaptatifs et approximations stochastiques in French
Phys Bennett Inverse methods in physical oceanography 2 copies
C&ST Bensoussan, Lions Analysis and optimization of systems #111
C&ST Bensoussan, Lions Analysis and optimization of systems #144
C&ST Bensoussan, Verjus Future tendencies in computer science, control and applied mathematics
PSM Beran Statistics for long-memory processes
PSM Berger Statistical decision theory and bayesian analysis, 2nd ed
PSM Bernardo, Smith Bayesian theory
C&ST Bertsekas Dynamic programming and optimal control, Vol 1
PSM Bertsekas,Tsitsiklis Introduction to probability
PSM Bharucha-Reid Elements of the theory of Markov processes and their applications
PSM Bickel, Klaassen, Ritov, Wellner Efficient and adaptive estimation for semiparametric models
PSM Bittanti Count Riccati and the early days of the Riccati equation
PSM Blake, Isard Active contours
PSM Blake, Zisserman Visual reconstruction
Math Blanc-Lapierre, Picinbono Fonctions aleatoires
C&ST Bobrow Elementary linear circuit analysis
C&ST Bobrow Elementary linear circuit analysis: Lab exercise manual
C&ST Bobrow Elementary linear circuit analysis: Solutions manual
Math Bobrow, Arbib Discrete mathematics
E&SP Bochner Harmonic analysis and the theory of probability
PSM Bogdanoff, Kozin Probabilistic models of cumulative damage
Math Bollobas Modern graph theory
E&SP Bracewell The Fourier transform and its applications
PSM Bremaud Markov chains, Gibbs fields, Monte Carlo simulation, and queues
E&SP Briggs A multigrid tutorial
Phys Brookner Radar technology
Phys Brophy, Rose, Wulff The structure and properties of materials: thermodynamics of structure , Vol II
C&ST Broxmeyer Inertial navigation systems
C&ST Bryson, Ho Applied optimal control
E&SP Buck, Daniel, Singer Computer explorations in signals and systems using matlab, 2nd ed
E&SP Bucy, Joseph Filtering for stochastic processes with applications to guidance
E&SP Burrus, et al Computer-based exercises for signal processing using matlab
C&ST Cadzow, van Landingham Signals, systems, and transforms
Phys Carrara, Goodman, Majewski Spotlight synthetic aperture radar: signal processing algorithms
Math Carroll, Long Theory of finite automata
C&ST Cassandras, Lafortune Introduction to discrete event systems
E&SP Catlin Estimation, control, and the discrete Kalman filter
Math Celia, Gray Numerical methods for differential equations
Phys Chandler Introduction to modern statistical mechanics
C&ST Chen Introduction to linear system theory
C&ST Chen Linear system theory and design
C&ST Chen Signals and systems, 3rd ed
Math Chevalley Theory of Lie groups
C&ST Chinese Assoc Automation Recent developments in control theory and its applications
C&ST Chow, Frederick, Chbat Discrete-time control problems using matlab
E&SP Chui An introduction to wavelets
E&SP Chui Wavelets: a tutorial in theory and applications
E&SP Chui, Coifman, Daubechies Applied and computation harmonic analysis
C&ST Clark Introduction to automatic control systems
Phys Condon, Odishaw Handbook ofphysics
E&SP Constantinescu Schur parameters, factorization and dilation problems
C&ST Conte, Perdon, Wyman New trends in systems theory
C&ST Cooper, McGillem Methods of signal and system analysis
PSM Cooper, McGillem Probabilistic methods of signal and system analysis, 3rd ed
C&ST Cover, Thomas Elements of information theory
C&ST Cowell, Dawid, Lauritzen, Spiegelhalter Probabilistic networks and expert systems
C&ST Crassidis, Junkins Optimal estimation of dynamic systems
PSM Cressie Statistics for spatial data, rev ed
Phys Curlander, McDonough Synthetic aperture radar
C&ST Curtain, Zwart An introduction to infinite-dimensional linear systems theory
Math Curtis, Reiner Representation theory of finite groups and associative algebras
C&ST D’Azzo, Houpis Linear control system analysis and design
Math Dantzig Linear programming and extensions
PSM Dauwels On graphical models for communications and machine learning algorithms, bounds and analog implementation (dissertation)
E&SP Davenport, Root An introduction to the theory of random signals and noise
E&SP Davis Linear estimation and stochastic control
C&ST DeCarlo Linear system: a state variable approach with numerical implementation
PSM DeGroot Optimal statistical decisions
Math Demmel Applied numerical linear algebra
C&ST Dennis Mathematical programming and electrical networks
C&ST Desoer Notes for a second course on linear systems
Math Desoer, et al Applications to Lie group theory to nonlinear network problems
PSM Devroye, Gyorfi, Lugosi A probabilistic theory of pattern recognition
E&SP Digital Signal Proc Comm,ed Selected papers in digital signal processing, II
Phys Dijkstra Nonlinear physical oceanography
C&ST DiStefano, Stubberud, Williams Feedback and control systems, 2nd ed
C&ST Djaferis, Schick System theory: modeling, analysis and control (a tribute to SK Mitter)
PSM Doob Stochastic processes
PSM Doucet, de Freitas, Gordon Sequential Monte Carlo methods in practice
C&ST Doyle, Francis, Tannenbaum Feedback control theory
E&SP Driessen Motion estimation for digital video
E&SP Dudgeon, Mersereau Multidimensional digital signal processing
Math Dugundji Topology
Math Dunford, Schwartz Linear operators, Part I
Math Dunford, Schwartz Linear operators, Part II
Math Dym, McKean Fourier series and integrals
Math Eilenberg Automata, languages, and machines, Vol A
C&ST Elgerd Control systems theory
C&ST Endrenyi Reliability modeling in electric power systems
C&ST Eveleigh Adaptive control and optimization techniques
E&SP Faugeras Three-dimensional computer vision
E&SP Feher Wireless digital communications
E&SP Feldman, Valdez-Flores Applied probability and stochastic processes
E&SP Feldman, Valdez-Flores Applied probability and stochastic processes: instructor’s solutions manual
PSM Feller An introduction to probability theory and its applications, Vol 1, 3rd ed
PSM Feller An introduction to probability theory and its applications, Vol 2
C&ST Fleming Future directions in contol theory: a mathematical perspective
E&SP Forney Concatenated codes
C&ST Forrester Industrial dynamics (student’s edition)
C&ST Fortmann, Hitz An introduction to linear control systems
E&SP Foufoula-Georgiou, Kumar Wavelets in geophysics
C&ST Francis A course in H_\infty control theory
C&ST Franklin, Powell, Emami-Naeini Feedback control of dynamic systems
Phys French, Hudson Physics - a new introductory course Parts I&II, particles and Newtonian mechanics
PSM Friedman Stochastic differential equations and applications, Vol 2
PSM Friedman, Pinsky Stochastic analysis
C&ST Gabel, Roberts Signals and linear systems, 3rd ed
C&ST Gajic, Lelic Modern control systems engineering
E&SP Gallager Low-density parity-check codes
Math Gantmacher The theory of matrices, Vol 1
Math Gantmacher The theory of matrices, Vol 2
PSM Gardner Introduction to random processes with applications to signals and systems, 2nd ed
E&SP Gardner, R Geometric tomography
E&SP Gardner, W Cyclostationarity in communications and signal processing
C&ST Gelb, VanderVelde Multiple-input describing functions and nonlinear system design
PSM Gelman, Carlin, Stern, Rubin Bayesian data analysis, 2nd ed
E&SP Gersho, Gray Vector quantization and signal compression
C&ST Gershwin Manufacturing systems engineering 2 copies
C&ST Gevers, Li Parametrizations in control, estimation and filtering problems
C&ST Gibson Nonlinear automatic control
E&SP Gibson Principles of digital and analog communications, 2nd ed
Phys Giglio Algorithms for synthetic aperture radar imagery II
PSM Gihman, Skorohod Controlled stochastic processes
PSM Gihman, Skorohod Stochastic differential equations
PSM Gihman, Skorohod The theory of stochastic processes III
PSM Gikhman, Skorohod Introduction to the theory of random processes
Math Gill, Murray, Wright Practical optimization
Math Ginzburg Algebraic theory of automata
C&ST Glisson Introduction to system analysis
Math Godsil, Royle Algebraic graph theory
E&SP Goodwin, Sin Adaptive filtering predication and control
C&ST Goos, Hartmanis Category theory applied to computation and control
E&SP Goswami, Chan Fundamentals of wavelets
Phys Gould Chemical process control: theory and applications
E&SP Granlund, Knutsson Signal processing for computer vision
E&SP Graupe Times series analysis, identification and adaptive filtering
PSM Gray, Davisson Random processes 3 copies
PSM Greenwood, Nikulin A guide to chi-squared testing
E&SP Grenander, Rosenblatt Statistical analysis of stationary time series
Math Greub Linear algebra, Vol 97
Math Greub Multilinear algebra, Vol 136
E&SP Grimson Object recognition by computer
PSM Gubner Probability and random processes for electrical and computer engineers
E&SP Gustafsson Estimation of discrete parameters in linear systems
Math Haight Mathematical theories of traffic flow
Math Hale Functional differential equations
C&ST Hale Oscillations in nonlinear systems
Phys Halfman Dynamics: Particles, rigid bodies and systems, Vol I
Phys Halfman Dynamics: systems variational methods and relativity, Vol II
Math Halmos Measure theory
Math Handler, Mirchandani Location on networks: theory and algorithms 2 copies
C&ST Haring Sequential-circuit synthesis : state assignement aspects
C&ST Hartmanis, Stearns Algebraic structure theory of sequential machines
Phys Hayden, Moffatt, Wulff The structure and properties of materials: mechanical behavior, Vol III
C&ST Haykin, Van Veen Signals and systems, 2nd ed
Math Helgason Differential geometry and symmetric spaces
C&ST Hellerstein, Diao, Parekh, Tilbury Feedback control of computing systems
E&SP Helstrom Elements of signal detection and estimation
PSM Helstrom Probability and stochastic processes for engineers
E&SP Herman Image reconstruction from projections: the fundamentals of computerized tomography
Math Hermann The 1976 Ames Research Center (NASA) conference on geometric control theory, Vol VII
Math Hermann 1976 Ames research center (NASA) conference on the geometric theory of non-linear waves
Math Hermann Algebraic topics in systems theory, Vol III
Math Hermann Algebro-geometric and Lie-theoretic techniques in systems theory, Part A
Math Hermann Energy momentum tensors, Vol IV
Math Hermann Gauge fields and Cartan-Ehresmann connections, Part A
Math Hermann Geometric computing science: first steps, Vol XXV
Math Hermann Geometric structure of systems-control theory and physics
Math Hermann Geometric structure of systems-control theory and physics, Part B
Math Hermann Geometric theory of non-linear differential equations, Backlund transformations, and solitons, Part B
Math Hermann The geometry of non-linear differential equations, Backlund transformations, and solitons, Part A
Math Hermann Linear systems theory and introductory algebraic geometry, Vol VIII 2 copies
Math Hermann Quantum and fermion differential geometry
Math Hermann Ricci and Levi-Civita’s tensor analysis paper, Vol II
Math Hermann Sophus Lie’s 1880 transformation group paper, Vol I
Math Hermann Sophus Lie’s 1884 differential invariant paper, Vol III
Math Hermann Spinors, Clifford and Cayley algebras, Vol. VII
Math Hermann Toda lattices, cosymplectic manifolds, Backlund transformations and kinks, Part A
Math Hermann Topics in general relativity, Vol V
Math Hermann Topics in the mathematics of quantum mechanics, Vol VI
Math Herrlich, Strecker Category theory
C&ST Hestenes Calculus of variations and optimal control theory
Math Hewitt, Ross Abstract harmonic analysis I
Math Hildebrand Advanced calculus for applications
Math Hildebrand Methods of applied mathematics, 2nd ed
E&SP Hildreth Measurement of visual motion
Phys Hill, Peterson Mechanics and thermodynamics of propulsion
Math Hille, Phillips Functional analysis and semi-groups
Math Hollfman, Kunze Linear algebra
C&ST Holtzman Nonlinear system theory: a functional analysis approach
E&SP Horn Robot vision
Math Horn, Johnson Matrix analysis
Math Horn, Johnson Topics in matrix analysis
Math Howard Dynamic programming and Markov processes
E&SP Hsu Theory and problems of analog and digital communications
C&ST Hsu, Meyer Modern control principles and applications
E&SP Hu Integer programming and network flows
C&ST Ilic, Liu Hierarchical power systems control
PSM Ito, Hida Stochastic processes and their applications
C&ST Jackson Signals, systems, and transforms
Math Jacobson Lie algebras
Math Jahnke, Emde Tables of functions with formulae and curves
Math Jaiswal Priority queues
E&SP Jazwinski Stochastic processes and filtering theory
Phys Jenkins, White Fundamentals of optics
PSM Jensen An introduction to Bayesian networks
E&SP Jeruchim, Balaban, Shanmugan Simulation of communication systems
Phys Jones, Chin Electronic instruments and measurements
C&ST Jong Methods of discrete signal and system analysis
PSM Jordan Learning in graphical models
C&ST Kaashoik, van Schuppen, Ran Realization and modelling in system theory
Math Kadison, Kromann Projective geometry and modern algebra
E&SP Kailath Lectures on Wiener and Kalman filtering
PSM Kailath, Sayed, Hassibi Linear estimation
E&SP Kak, Slaney Principles of computerized tomographic imaging
Math Kalman, Falb, Arbib Topics in mathematical system theory
C&ST Kamen Introduction to signals and systems, 2nd ed
C&ST Kamen, Heck Fundamentals of signals and systems using matlab
E&SP Kammler A first course in Fourier analysis
E&SP Kantardzic Data mining: concepts, models, methods, and algorithms
E&SP Karpovsky Spectral techniques and fault detection
C&ST Karu Signals and systems made ridiculously simple
C&ST Kassakian, Schlecht, Verghese Principles of power electronics
Math Kato Perturbation theory for linear operators, 2nd ed
E&SP Kay Fundamentals of statistical signal processing
E&SP Kay Fundamentals of statistical signal processing: estimation theory
PSM Keller, McKean Stochastic differential equations
Math Kelley General topology
Math Kleinrock Communication nets: stochastic message flow and delay
Math Knuth The art of computer programming, Vol 1: fundamental algorithms
Math Knuth The art of computer programming, Vol 2: seminumerical algorithms
Math Kobayashi, Nomizu Foundations of differential geometry, Vol 1
C&ST Kokotovic, Khalil, O’Reilly Singular perturbation methods in control: analysis and design
Math Kolchin Random mappings
C&ST Kovaleva Control of oscillatory and vibro-striking systems in Russian
PSM Krim, Yezzi Statistics and analysis of shapes
Math Kueker, Smith Learning and geometry: computation approaches
E&SP Kumar, Varaiya Stochastic systems: estimation, identification and adaptive control
E&SP Kung, Whitehouse, Kailath VLSI and modern signal processing
C&ST Kuo Analysis and synthesis of sampled-data control systems
C&ST Kuo Digital control systems, 2nd ed
PSM Kushner Approximation and weak convergence methods for random processes with applications to stochastic systems theory
C&ST Kushner Introduction to stochastic control
C&ST Kwakernaak, Sivan Linear optimal control systems
C&ST Kwakernaak, Sivan Linear optimal control systems
C&ST Kwakernaak, Sivan Modern signals and systems 2 copies
C&ST Lago, Benningfield Circuite and system theory
Math Lang Introduction to differentiable manifolds
PSM Langville, Meyer PageRand and Beyond: the science of search enging rankings
C&ST Laning, Battin Random processes in automatic control
C&ST Lathi Linear systems and signals
PSM Lauritzen Graphical models
C&ST Lee Optimal estimation, identification , and control
C&ST Lee, Markus Foundations of optimal control theory
C&ST Lee, Varaiya Structure and interpretation of signals and systems
PSM Leen, Dietterich, Tresp Advances in neural information processing systems Vol 13
C&ST Leiserson Area-efficient VLSI computation
Math Leitmann Topics in optimization
PSM Leon-Garcia Probabiltiy and random processes for electrical engineering
PSM Leon-Garcia Probabiltiy and random processes for electrical engineering, 2nd ed 2 copies
Phys Levanon Radar principles
C&ST Lewis Optimal control
E&SP Lewis Optimal estimation with an intro to stochastic control theory
E&SP Leyton A generative theory of shape
Phys Liepmann, Roshko Elements of gasdynamics
E&SP Lim Two-dimensional signal and image processing
C&ST Lindsey Synchronization systems in communcation and control
C&ST Lions Optimal control of systems governed by partial differential equations
PSM Liptser, Shiryayev Statistics of random processes I: general theory
PSM Liptser, Shiryayev Statistics of random processes II: applications
C&ST Liu, Liu Linear systems analysis 2 copies
E&SP Ljung, Soderstrom Theory and practise of recursive identification
Math Loomis An introduction to abstract harmonic analysis
Math Loomis-Sternberg Advanced calculus
Math Luenberger Optimization by vector space methods
PSM Luesink The likelihood ratio for two-parameter stochastic processes
PSM MacKay Information theory, inference and learning algorithms
Math MacLane, Birkhoff Algebra
E&SP Macovski Medical imaging systems
E&SP Mallat A wavelet tour of signal processing
E&SP Malvar Signal processing with lapped transforms
Math Manes Category theory applied to computation and control
Phys Markey, Hovorka The mechanics of inertial position and heading indication
Math Martin, Reissner Elementary differential equations
E&SP Mason Stochastic differential equations and applications
E&SP Massey Threshold decoding
C&ST Mayhan Discrete-time and continuous-time linear systems
C&ST Mayr The origins of feedback control
E&SP McClellan, et al Computer-based exercises for signal processing using matlab 5
C&ST McGillem, Cooper Continuous and discrete signal and system analysis
C&ST McGillem, Cooper Continuous & discrete signal & system analysis, 3rd ed
Math McKean Stochastic integrals
Math McLachlan Bessel functions for engineers
C&ST Meirovitch Methods of analytical dynamics
E&SP Mendel Lessons in estimation theory for signal processing, communications, and control 2 copies: 1 hard, 1paper
E&SP Meyer Oscillating patterns in image processing and nonlinear evolution equations
PSM Meyer Probability and potentials
E&SP Meyer Wavelets and operators
E&SP Meyer, Roques Progress in wavelet analysis and applications
Math Michel, Herget Mathematical foundations in engineering and science: algebra and analysis
Math Miller Lie theory and special functions
C&ST Miller Space navigation guidance and control
Math Milnor Morse theory
Math Milnor Topology from the differentiable viewpoint
E&SP Mirkin Mathematical classification and clustering
C&ST Miron Design of feedback control systems
E&SP Mix Random signal processing 3 copies
Phys Moffatt, Pearsall, Wulff The structure and properties of materials, Vol I
C&ST Moody, Antsaklis Supervisory control of discrete event systems using petri nets
PSM Morel, Solimini Variational methods in image segmentation
C&ST Moroney Issues in the implementation of digital feedback compensators
PSM Mortensen Random signals and systems
Math Mostow, Sampson, Meyer Fundamental structures of algebra
E&SP Muller, Vidakovic Bayesian inference in wavelet-based models
Phys Munk, Worcester, Wunsch Ocean acoustic tomography
Math Munkres Elementary linear algebra
E&SP Natterer The mathematics of computerized tomography
PSM Navidi Statistics for Engineers and Scientists, 2nd 3d
E&SP Nemura, Kliokys Parameter and state estimation in systems in Russian
PSM Neveu Mathematical foundations of the calculus of probability
Phys Newman Marine hydrodynamics
C&ST Newton, Gould, Kaiser Analytical design of linear feedback control
E&SP Nikia, Petropulu Higher-order spectra analysis
C&ST Ogata Modern control engineering, 2nd ed
Phys Oliver, Oliver The role of water and the hydrological cycle in global change
E&SP Olver, Tannenbaum Mathematical methods in computer vision
E&SP Oppenheim Applications of digital signal processing
E&SP Oppenheim, Schafer Digital signal processing
E&SP Oppenheim, Schafer Digital signal processing
E&SP Oppenheim, Schafer Discrete-time signal processing
E&SP Oppenheim, Willsky Signals & systems, 2nd ed 3 copies
E&SP Osher, Paragios Geometric level set methods in imaging, vision, and graphics
C&ST Padulo, Arbib System theory
Phys Paesler, Moyer Near-field optics
PSM Papoulis Probability, random variables, and stochastic processes
PSM Papoulis Probability, random variables, and stochastic processes, 2nd ed
PSM Papoulis Probability, random variables, and stochastic processes, 3rd ed
PSM Papoulis Solutions manual to Probability, random variables, and stochastic processes, 3rd ed
PSM Pawitan In all likelihood: statistical modelling and inference using likelihood
Phys Pedlosky Geophysical fluid dynamics, 2nd ed
PSM Peebles Probability, random variables adn random signal principles
Math Peitgen, Saupe The science of fractal images
Phys Peterson, Ray, Mittra Computational methods for electromagnetics
E&SP Peterson, Weldon Error-correcting codes, 2nd ed
PSM Pfeiffer Basic probability topics using matlab
PSM Picinbono Random signals and systems
Phys Pinel Biopsychology
C&ST Polderman, Willems Introduction to mathematical systems theory 2 copies
E&SP Poor, Wornell Wireless communications: signal processing perspectives
E&SP Porat Digital processing of random signals
E&SP Proaksi, Salehi Communication systems engineering
C&ST Progress Report 1988 Identification control optimization of dynamical systems
Phys Purcell Electricity and magnetism - Berkeley physics course Vol 2
PSM Pursley Random processes in linear systems
Phys Raemer Radar systems principles
PSM Raiffa, Schlaifer Applied statistical decision theory, student ed 2 copies
PSM Rankin Differential space, quantum systems, and prediction
C&ST Rauscher Introduction to aeronautical dynamics
C&ST Reid Linear system fundamentals
Math Riesz, Sz.-Nagy Functional analysis
Phys Riggs The mathematical approach to physiological problems
PSM Ripley Stochastic simulation
PSM Rizvi, Rustagi, Siegmund Recent advances in statistics: in honor of Chernoff
C&ST Roberge Operational amplifiers: theory and practise
C&ST Rosenbrock State-space and multivariable theory
PSM Ross A first course in probability, 5th ed
PSM Ross A first course in probability, 6th ed
PSM Ross Introduction to probability models, 2nd ed
Math Rotman The theory of groups
Math Rudin Real and complex analysis
PSM Rue, Held Gaussian Markov random fields
Math Saaty Elements of queueing theory with applications
C&ST Saaty Modern nonlinear equations
C&ST Safonov Stability and robustness of multivariable feedback systems
Math Sagle, Walde Introduction to Lie groups and Lie algebras
Math Samelson Notes on Lie algebras
PSM Samorodnitsky, Taqqu Stable non-Gaussian random processes
E&SP Sapiro Geometric partial differential equations and image analysis
E&SP Sawaragi, Soeda, Omatu Modeling, estimation, and their applications for distributed parameter systems
E&SP Sayed Fundamentals of adaptive filtering
E&SP Scharf Statistical signal processing
Phys Schlumberger Log interpretation principles/applications
C&ST Schmitz Optimal sequentially planned decision procedures
E&SP Schumaker, Webb Recent advances in wavelet analysis
E&SP Schussler Digitale signalverarbeitung I in German
E&SP Schussler Digitale signalverarbeitung II in German
E&SP Schweppe Uncertain dynamic systems
Math Segal, Kunze Integrals and operators
Math Selby Standard mathematical tables
C&ST Seminaires IRIA Analysse et controle de systemes in French
C&ST Senturia, Wedlock Electronic circuits and applications
PSM Sethian Level set methods
E&SP Sezan, Lagendijk Motion analysis and image sequence processing
E&SP Shanmugan, Breipohl Random signals: detection, estimation and data analysis
E&SP Shiavi Introduction to applied statistical signal analysis
C&ST Shinners Modern control system theory and application, 2nd ed
C&ST Siebert Circuits, signals, and systems 2 copies
PSM Silverman Density estimation for statisics and data analysis
Math Singer, Thorpe Lecture notes on elementary topology and geometry
Phys Skolnik Introduction to radar systems, 2nd ed
E&SP Slepian The development of information theory
PSM Snyder Random point processes 2 copies
E&SP Snyder The state-variable approach to continuous estimation with applications to analog communication theory
C&ST Soliman, Srinath Continuous and discrete signals and systems 3 copies
PSM Solla, Leen, Muller Advances in neural information processing systems Vol 12
E&SP Solodovnikov Introduction to the statistical dynamics of automatic control systems
PSM Solomon Probability and stochastic processes
Phys Sonntag, van Wylen Fundamentals of statistical thermodynamics
C&ST Sontag Polynomial response maps
E&SP Soumekh Fourier array imaging
Phys Soumekh Synthetic aperture radar signal processing
Math Spivak Calculus on manifolds
E&SP Srinath, Rajasekaran, Viswanathan Introduction to statistical signal processing with applications
E&SP Starck, Murtagh, Bijaoui Image processing and data analysis 2 copies
PSM Stark, Woods Probability and random processes with applications to signal processing, 3rd ed
PSM Stark, Woods Probability, random processes and estimation theory for engineers 3 copies
PSM Stark, Woods Probability, random processes and estimation theory for engineers, 2nd ed
Math Stein Calculus and analytic geometry, 2nd ed
E&SP Stiffler Theory of synchronous communications
Phys Stimson Introduction to airborne radar, 2nd ed
Math Stoker Differential geometry
Math Strang Introduction to applied mathematics
Math Strang Linear algebra and its applications, 2nd ed
E&SP Strang, Nguyen Wavelets and filter banks
Math Strikwerda Finite difference schemes and partial differential equations
C&ST Strum, Kirk Contremporary linear systems using MATLAB
E&SP Swami, Zhao, Hong, Tong Wireless sensor networks: signal processing and communications perspectives
C&ST Sworder Optimal adaptive control systems
Math Taha Operations research: an introduction, 3rd ed
Math Taha Operations research: solutions manual, 3rd ed
E&SP Taub, Schilling Principles of communication systems
E&SP ter Haar Romeny Geometry-driven diffusion in computer vision
E&SP Therrien Discrete random signals and statistical signal processing
Phys Thom Structural stability and morphogenesis
Math Thomas Calculus and analytical geometry
C&ST Truxal Control system synthesis
C&ST Tsypkin Foundations of the information theory of identification in Russian
PSM Tucker Probability and mathematical statistics
Phys US Dept of Comm Barometers and the measurement of atmospheric pressure, 2nd ed
C&ST Utkin Sliding modes in control optimization
E&SP van Overschee, de Moor Subspace identification for linear systems
E&SP Van Trees Detection, estimation, and modulation theory, Part I
C&ST Van Trees Synthesis of optimum nonlinear control systems
Phys van Wylen, Sonntag Fundamentals of classicalthermodynamics
PSM Vanmarcke Random fields: analysis and synthesis
PSM Vapnik Statistical learning theory
Math Vazirani Approximation algorithms
E&SP Vehel, Lutton, Tricot Fractals in engineering
C&ST Vidyasagar Control system synthesis: a factorization approach
E&SP Wahba Spline models for observational data
Math Wallach Symplectic geometry and Fourier analysis, Vol V
PSM Walpole, Myers, Myers Probability and statistics, 6th ed
Math Warner Foundations of differentiable manifolds and Lie groups
Math Wasow Asymptotic expansions for ordinary differential equations
Phys Wehner High resolution radar
E&SP Weinert Fixed interval smoothing for state space models
Math Weinert Reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces
PSM Wesolowsky Multiple regression and analysis of variance
C&ST Widnall Applications of optimal control theory to computer controller design
C&ST Willems The analysis of feedback systems
Math Winter Abstract Lie algebras
C&ST Wonham Linear multivariable control: a geometric approach 2 copies
E&SP Wozencraft, Reiffen Sequential decoding
Phys Wrigley, Hollister, Denhard Gyroscopic theory, design, and instrumentation
Phys Wunsch The ocean circulation inverse problem
PSM Yaglom An introduction to the theory of stationary random functions
E&SP Yates, Goodman Probability and stochastic processes
C&ST Yavin Feedback strategies for partially observable stochastic systems
E&SP Yavin Numerical studies in nonlinear filtering
Phys Yeomans Statistical mechanics of phase transitions
C&ST Young Linear systems and digital signal processing
Math Zbigniew, Nitecki Differentiable dynamics: an introduction to the orbit structure of diffeomorphisms
E&SP Zhang Auxiliary signal design in fault detection adn diagnosis
PSM Ziemer Elements of engeineering probability and statistics
C&ST Ziemer, Tranter, Fannin Signals and systems: continuous and discrete, 2nd ed