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All seminars are held on Wednesdays from 4:00-5:00 in the LIDS Seminar Room in the Dreyfoos Tower of the Stata Center, 32-D677, unless otherwise noted.

Date Speaker
September 14 James Saunderson, SSG, Diagonal and Low-Rank Matrix Decompositions
David Wingate, CCS+LIDS, A Reinforcement Learning Approach to Variational Inference in Probabilistic Programs
September 28 Cancelled for special seminar by Prof. Ali Sayed in 32-144
October 6 Becca Willett, Duke, NOTE: Thursday, 3-4pm, D707
Regularized Online Optimization: Tracking Regret, Risk Bounds, and Applications to Online Ising Model Selection
October 12 Ying Liu, SSG, Sampling from Gaussian Graphical Models by Subgraph Correction
Jason Chang, CSAIL, Inferring Relative Seismic Age
October 21 Cedric Fevotte, LTCI, NOTE: Friday, 11am-12pm, D507
Itakura-Saito nonnegative matrix factorization and friends for music signal decomposition
October 26 John Sun, RLE, Dynamic Matrix Factorization: A State-Space Model
Vincent Tan, Former SSG, Canonical Estimation in a Rare-Events Regime
November 2 Cancelled
November 30 Matthew Johnson, SSG, Accelerated HDP-HSMM Inference with Changepoint Constraints
Dahua Lin, CSAIL, Construction of Dependent Dirichlet Processes based on Poisson Processes
December 7 Oliver Kosut, SSG, Malicious Data Attacks on Power System State Estimation

For questions regarding this seminar series, contact Matthew Johnson.

Archives: Spring 2010 seminar series (with links to earlier series)

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