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All seminars are held on Wednesdays from 4:00-5:00 in the LIDS Seminar Room in the Dreyfoos Tower of the Stata Center, 32-D677, unless otherwise noted. Click here for a map from the Dreyfoos elevators to the seminar room.

Date Speaker
September 16 Organizational Meeting [internal]
September 23 Anima Anandkumar, SSG Tracking Transactions Using Timestamps
Vincent Tan, SSG, Learning Gaussian Tree Models: Analysis of Error Exponents and Extremal Structures
September 30 Andrew Mastin, CSAIL Statistical Methods for 2D-3D Registration of Optical and LIDAR Images
Dahua Lin, CSAIL Modeling and Estimating Persistent Flows with Lie Algebraic Perspective
October 7 Cancelled
October 14 Kush Varshney, SSG Performance of Random Forests in the Low False Alarm and Low Missed Detection Regimes
Justin Dauwels, SSG Graphical Models for Guiding Neurosurgery in Epileptic Patients
October 21 Matthew Johnson, SSG Semi-Markovianity and the HDP-HMM
Ying Liu, SSG Multi-message Passing Algorithms for Inference in Loopy Gaussian Graphical Models
October 28 Myung Jin Choi, SSG Hierarchical Contextual Models for Object Categories
Venkat Chandrasekaran, SSG Rank-Sparsity Incoherence for Matrix Decomposition
November 4 Prof. Devavrat Shah, LIDS Network Algorithms Made Distributed
November 11 Paths Ahead Symposium
November 18 Shell Meetings [internal]
November 25 Thanksgiving Week
December 2 Ruslan Salakhutdinov, CSAIL Learning Deep Boltzmann Machines
December 9 Group Party [internal]

For questions regarding this seminar series, contact Matthew Johnson.

Archives: Spring 2009 seminar series (with links to earlier series)

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