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All seminars are held on Wednesdays from 4:00 - 5:00 in the LIDS Seminar Room in the Dreyfoos Tower of the Stata Center, 32-D677, unless otherwise noted. Click here for a map from the Dreyfoos elevators to the seminar room.

Date Speaker
Feb. 7
Organizational Meeting [internal]
Feb. 14
Mauro Maggioni - [webpage] Duke University   (Multiscale analysis of diffusion processes on graphs and  analysis of high-dimensional data)
Feb. 21 Murad Taqqu - [webpage] Boston University (Dependence structures of some infinite variance stochastic processes)
Feb. 28
Kush Varshney - SSG, MIT (Discussion on genomics) and
Venkat Chandrasekaran- SSG, MIT (Discussion of survey propagation)
Mar. 7
Mar. 14
Dan Roy - MIT (Learning annotated hierarchies from relational data) and  Vikash Mansinghka
- MIT (Stochastic Logic Circuits for Inductive Inference)
Mar. 21
Piotr Indyk - [webpage] MIT (Explicit constructions for compressed sensing problems)
Mar. 28
Spring Break [No Meeting]
Apr. 4 Martin Wainwright - [webpage] UC Berkeley (High-dimensional statistical inference: Practical and Information-theoretic limits on sparsity recovery)
Apr. 11
Munther Dahleh - [webpage] LIDS, MIT (Reduction of Hidden Markov Models)
Apr. 18
  CANCELED Ben Vigoda - [webpage] MERL
Apr. 25
Amir Globerson - [webpage]  MIT, CSAIL (Approximate Inference using Conditional Entropy Decompositions)
May 2
Peter Willett - [webpage] University of Connecticut (A Physical-Space Approach for the Probability
Hypothesis Density and Cardinalized PHD Filters
May 9
David Blei - [webpage] Princeton University (Variational inference for Dirichlet process mixtures)
May 16
Group Party [internal].
May 23
Final exam week.

For questions regarding this seminar series, contact Dmitry Malioutov.

Archives: Fall 2006 seminar series (with links to earlier series)

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