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All seminars are held on Wednesdays from 4:00 - 5:00 in the LIDS Seminar Room in the Dreyfoos Tower of the Stata Center, 32-D677, unless otherwise noted. Click here for a map from the Dreyfoos elevators to the seminar room.

Feb. 9 Steven T. Smith - Lincoln Labs, MIT (Covariance, Subspace, and Intrinsic Cramer-Rao Bounds)
IEEE TSP Paper, PPT presentation, and animated GIF from PPT (slide 9).
Feb. 16 Sam Roweis - University of Toronto (Nonlinear State Inference with Embedded HMMs)
NIPS 2003 Paper.
Feb. 23 Pramod Varshney - Syracuse University (Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks)
Mar. 2 Gregory Shakhnarovich - CSAIL, MIT (Learning Task-Specific Visual Similarity)
Mar. 9 Al Hero - University of Michigan (Geometric Probability Approaches to High Dimensional Data Analysis)
Mar. 16 Kilian Pohl - CSAIL, MIT (Combining Registration and Segmentation to Analyze Medical Images)
Mar. 23 Spring Break [No Meeting]
Mar. 30 Peter Doerschuk - EECS, Purdue University (Bayesian Inference by Solving Fixed-Point Problems: Markov Random Field Models and Bethe Tree Approximations)
Apr. 6 Samuel Madden - CSAIL, MIT (Approximate Query Processing in Sensor Networks)
Apr. 13 Jovan Popovic - CSAIL, MIT (Animation for the Masses)
Apr. 20 Eero Simoncelli - Professor of Neural Science, Mathematics, and Psychology, NYU (Joint Statistics of Multi-Scale Derivative Operators)
Apr. 27 Raj Rao - EECS, MIT (Stochastic Eigen-Analysis and Robust Signal Processing)
May 4 Vivek Goyal - RLE, MIT (Estimation with Markovian Dynamics and Sparseness)
Wk of May 11 Group Party [internal]

For questions regarding this seminar series, contact Walter Sun.

Archives: Fall 2004 seminar series (with links to earlier series)

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