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All seminars are held on Wednesdays from 4:00 - 5:00 in the Osborne Room, 35-338, unless otherwise noted.

Feb. 5 Organizational Meeting
Feb. 12 Walter Sun (SSG): Relationship between Trading Volume and Security Prices
Feb. 19 Dr. Harald Steck (AI Lab): Optimizing Predictive Accuracy when Learning Bayesian Network Structure
Feb. 26 Albert Chan (DSPG): An Efficient Class of Iterative Interference Cancellation Techniques for Digital Communication Systems
March 5 Dr. John Fisher (AI Lab): ICA by Direct Entropy Minimization
March 12 Prof. Asuman Ozdaglar (LIDS): Enhanced Optimality Conditions and Informative Lagrange Multipliers
March 19 Prof. Dennis McLaughlin (Parsons Lab, MIT): Soil Moisture Data Assimilation with Ensemble Kalman Filtering ... How Can We Extend the Approach to Really Big Problems?
March 26 Spring Break
April 2
Dr. Brian Sadler (Army Research Lab): Potential and Pitfalls of UWB Communications
April 9 Prof. Madhu Sudan (LCS): Random walks with "Back Buttons"
April 16 Prof. Sekhar Tatikonda (Yale Univ.): The Sum Product Algorithm and Gibbs Measures
April 23 Dr. Vardi Sveinsson (Harvard Univ.):
April 28 (Monday)
Grier room
Prof. Michael Chin (Univ. of Miami): Space-time interpolation and other large-dimensional, high-complexity tasks involving oceanic and atmospheric circulation models
May 7 Prof. Bruce Fischl (Harvard Medical School): Computational modeling and analysis of human neuroanatomy: Integrating cortical surface models with sub-cortical structures
May 14 Group Party

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Archives: Fall 2002 seminar series (with links to earlier series)

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