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All seminars are held on Wednesdays from 4:00 - 5:00 in the Osborne Room, 35-338, unless otherwise noted.

Sept. 3 Organizational Meeting
Sept. 10 Meeting Canceled (EECS new students reception)
Sept. 17 Dmitry Malioutov (SSG): Sparse signal representation in overcomplete bases with application to source localization sensor arrays
Walter Sun (SSG): Localization of oceanic fronts and simultaneous estimation of sea surface temperature data
Sept. 24 Junmo Kim (SSG): Incorporating nonparametric statistical information in active contour-based image segmentation
Ayres Fan (SSG): MR bias correction and illumination/reflectance separation
Oct. 1 Dewey Tucker (SSG): Realizating multiscale models from exact statistics
Jason Johnson (SSG): Recursive cavity modeling for approximate inference of Gaussian MRFs
Oct. 8 Mujdat Cetin (SSG): Non-quadratic regularization methods for coherent imaging
Jason Williams (SSG): Gaussian mixture reduction for target tracking
Oct. 15 Meeting Canceled (Alex & Erik will speak on Oct. 29th instead)
Oct. 22 Pat Kreidl (SSG): Distributed detection by networked sensors receiving local measurements from correlated environments
Lei Chen (SSG): Data association based on optimization in graphical models with applications to sensor networks
Oct. 29 Erik Sudderth and Alex Ihler (SSG): Nonparametric inference for sensor networks
(discussion group on structure estimation postponed to spring term)
Nov. 4 (TUESDAY)
Room 36-156, 4-5pm.
James Duncan (Yale): Model-based recovery of structure and function from medical images
Nov. 12 George Verghese (MIT): Moment linear stochastic systems
Nov. 19 internal discussion group
Dec. 2 (TUESDAY)
Room 36-156, 4-5pm.
Ilya Pollak (Purdue): Spatial random trees and modeling of multidimensional signals
Dec. 10 Group Party

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