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All seminars are held on Wednesdays from 4:00 - 5:00 in the Osborne Room, 35-338, unless otherwise noted.

DateSpeakerFood Provider
Feb. 7 Organizational Meeting Taylore Kelly
Feb. 14 Prof. Hava Siegelmann: Adaptive Clustering and Applications in Information Systems Taylore Kelly
Feb. 21 John Fisher: Multiple-Modal Fusion, Independent Cause Models, and Information Theory Taylore Kelly
Feb. 28 Prof. Sandy Wells: Object Acquistion by Inverse Volume Rendering Taylore Kelly
Mar. 7 Prof. Leonard McMillan: Image-Based Rendering: A New Approach to Computer Graphics Taylore Kelly
Mar. 14 Prof. Sanjoy Mitter: Nonlinear Path Estimation and its Relationship to Statistical Mechanics and Information Theory Taylore Kelly
Mar. 21 Alessandro Verri: A Tutorial on Support Vector Machines Taylore Kelly
Mar. 28 HOLIDAY --- NO MEETING -----
Apr. 4 Feng Zhao: Collaborative information processing for distributed sensor networks Taylore Kelly
Apr. 11 Martin Wainwright: Tree-based reparameterization for approximate estimation of stochastic processes on graphs with cycles Taylore Kelly
Apr. 18 Prof. Trevor Darrell: Work in progress on multi-view stereo person tracking: from body trajectories to face pose Taylore Kelly
Apr. 25 Erik Miller: Color Eigenflows: Statistical Modeling of Joint Color Changes Taylore Kelly
May 2 Prof. Dennis McLaughlin: Hydrologic Data Assimilation with the Ensemble Kalman Filter Taylore Kelly
May 9 Christian Shelton: Importance Sampling Estimate for POMDPs Taylore Kelly
May 16 Group Party Everyone

For questions regarding this seminar series, contact Ron Dror (rdror@mit.edu).

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