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All seminars are held on Wednesdays from 4:00 - 5:00 in the Osborne Room, 35-338, unless otherwise noted. The dates for the group discussions are subject to change as needed.

DateSpeakerFood Provider
Sep. 6 Organizational Meeting Alex Ihler
Sep. 13 John Richards: Expectation-Maximization Approach to Target Model Generation from Multiple SAR Images

Andrew Kim Detection and Analysis of Anisotropic Scattering in SAR Data
Junmo Kim
Sep. 20 Alex Ihler: Informative Subspaces: Nonparametric Density Estimates for Dynamical System Modeling

Junmo Kim: Spatio-Temporal fMRI Signal Analysis Using Information Theory
Andy Tsai
Sep. 27 Andy Tsai: Curve Evolution Implementation of the Mumford-Shah Functional for Image Segmentation, Denoising, Interpolation, and Magnification

Ron Dror: Estimating Surface Reflectance Properties from Images
Erik Sudderth
Oct. 4 Mujdat Cetin: Feature-Enhanced Synthetic Aperture Radar Image Reconstruction Ron Dror
Oct. 11 Erik Sudderth: Tree-Based Modeling and Estimation of Gaussian Processes on Graphs with Cycles

Martin Wainwright: Probabilistic calculations on graphs with cycles: Perturbations and bounds
Michael Schneider
Oct. 18 Dewey Tucker: Multiresolution Modeling from Data and Partial Specifications Martin Wainwright
Oct. 25 Nathan Srebro: An Algorithmic Approach to Maximum Likelihood Markov Network Structure John Richards
Nov. 1 Prof. Ted Adelson: Vision as an estimation problem Dewey Tucker
Nov. 8 Erik Miller: Learning from One Example Through Shared Densities on Transforms Alex Ihler
Nov. 15 Erik Suddert and Dewey Tucker: An Introduction to Stochastic Realization Theory Junmo Kim
Nov. 22 HOLIDAY --- NO MEETING -----
Nov. 29 Mike Schneider and Ron Dror -- TBA Andy Tsai
Dec. 6 Prof. George Verghese -- title and abstract to follow Andrew Kim
Dec. 13 Group Party Everyone

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