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SSG Seminar Abstract

Message-Passing Algorithms for Network Scheduling

Devavrat Shah

A central operational problem in a network is the scheduling of resources to resolve contention between various entities accessing them. Some popular examples are switch scheduling, MAC scheduling in wireless network and bandwidth allocation in a flow network. Ideally, an implementor would like to have access to a parametrized class of algorithms so that by `tuning' parameters a necessary trade-off between ease of implementation and performance can be achieved.

In this talk, I will present such a parametrized class of simple, distributed message-passing algorithm for scheduling in switches and wireless network based on belief propagation. I will talk about the correctness and convergence properties of the algorithm in this context. I will discuss its relation to the dual (aka auction) algorithm as well as some extensions.

The talk is based on joint work with Mohsen Bayati (Stanford) and Mayank Sharma (IBM).

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