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SSG Seminar Abstract

Detection and Localization of a Particle Release with
Sparse Sensor Configurations

Emily Fox

In this talk we address detecting and localizing an aerosolized particle release using a sparse array of sensors. The problem is challenging for several reasons. It is often the case that sensors are costly and consequently only a sparse deployment is possible. Additionally, while dynamic models can be formulated in many environmental conditions, the underlying model parameters may not be precisely known.  The combination of these two issues impacts the effectiveness of inference approaches. We restrict ourselves to propagation models consisting of diffusion plus transport according to a Gaussian puff model. We derive a hybrid detection-localization inference algorithm using sparse sensor measurements, which is optimal provided the model parametrization is known precisely. The primary assumptions are that the mean wind field is deterministically known and that the Gaussian puff model is valid. Under these assumptions, we characterize the change in performance of detection, time-to-detection and localization as a function of the number of sensors. We then examine some performance impacts when the underlying dynamical model deviates from the assumed model.

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